What To Wear Allies

What To Wear Allies
In What To Wear, we celebrate and support feminine strength. Whether you’re a housewife who’s buried by chores, a white collar executive who’s struggling to be heard, a dreamer, or a believer, this one’s for you. Women should be reminded of their own self-worth and constantly empowered to believe they could become anything they wanted.

We’ve conducted an interview with What To Wear customers, sharing views on what it meant to be a woman in 2022 and why you should never underestimate the importance of self-worth and confidence.

“Being woman means to be authentic and confident in who you are, for if you’re trying to be a man it’s a waste of a woman!” - Cindy

“In this era, I think that means we should know that gender equality starts with us, if we would take the step towards equality starting with ourselves, we can use our ripples of influence to bring great tides of changes to people around us.” - Melisa

“For me, as I embark on a journey into motherhood, being a woman more than ever means being human that able to finds beauty, strength and solace in my own being and intuition, and occasionally in nice clothes.” - Farah

“Being a woman to me means to speak your truth, to know your worth, to be strong but gentle, to be kind but firm, to feel deeply and to love fiercely.” - Joanne

“When women make positive change, we do so for EVERYONE, that is why we should never feel small.” - Nandini

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